On the Pittsburgh Soundpike

Tomorrow is the Pittsburgh Soundpike, a part of the Pittsburgh Festival of New Music. I’m honored to have two pieces on the program. My Conversations w/ Ligeti and Heidegger (and Mom in the Background) opens the program. It’s being exquisitely performed by Trillium Ensemble (http://www.trilliumensemble.com/), who commissioned the work. Duo Scordatura (http://www.duoscordatura.com/) will perform with Alia Musica later in the afternoon, performing my electric guitar inspired piece, Prong. Having Skyped into rehearsals with both groups, I can say they are performing the pieces so well. I’m excited to listen, and I hope you can come.

The program features music by local Pittsburgh favorites like Mark Fromm, Reza Vali, and Christine Burke. Also, be sure to catch a performance of Reich’s, Different Trains performed by the Freya Quartet and Cage’s Five performed by ELCO.

Found out more at http://www.pghnewmusic.com/soundpike


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